Smudge Bowl

Learn to how to make a handmade smudge bowl using colored clay.  Connect with the earth and use your hands to mold your bowl.  Personalize it with words, stamps or symbols.


The Gist

What will you make?

You will make a hand-formed smudge bowl using the colored clay of your choice.  Handmade pottery will remain in the studio for about 14 days to dry and bisque fire in the kiln. Once bisque fired, your can apply a ceramic glaze to add color and shine.  Glazed pottery will require an additional firing.  This is a hand-building class where you will make your project at a workbench using our tools and supplies; this project is not made using the pottery wheel.

What is the cost?

Cost is $48 and includes tools, supplies, instruction, bisque firing, clear glaze and glaze firing.